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Business Bookkeeping and Payroll Services from MW&Co

Bookkeeping is perhaps the most fundamental part of business finance, yet in our experience, so many companies battle daily with unsuitable and unwieldy bookkeeping software that just doesn't fit their needs.


Our certified consultants are here to help you and your business choose the right software for your needs. We constantly research the best software on the market for all types of business, from the sole proprietor to large farms and national companies.

What is the best bookkeeping program?


Good question! In our mind, bookkeeping software should make your life easier, not more complicated. It needs to be straightforward to use, flexible and expandable as you grow, and most important of all, produce financial data in clear reports that you can base important decisions on. That's why our team works with and understands many of the most popular programs such as Simply Accounting (Sage 50), Quickbooks, and AgExpert.


Since we know your company and know your staff, we can provide personalized support that solves problems and answers questions in minutes. 

Let us do your bookkeeping


For busy business owners who'd rather be selling than doing their books, we offer weekly, monthly or annual bookkeeping services. You simply drop off your invoices and bank statements, and we'll write them up for you, deal with your HST, EHT and WSIB returns and prepare monthly financial statements.


Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us frees up precious time that you can use growing your business, not drowning in paperwork. It also reduces your costs, by eliminating the need to employ a bookkeeper, and the costs of training them in the latest software and legislation changes, and providing cover when they are on holiday!


Park your payroll with MW&Co


Payroll is the most vital regular payments you need to make (certainly your employees think so), yet it seems to take up an incredible amount of time each month - or each week. What's more, keeping up to date with all the changes in payroll such as tax deductions, credits and so on can be very time consuming for any business.


Our payroll professionals are dedicated to keeping current on payroll legislation, so you can relax knowing your employees are being properly paid and receiving their due allowances, and that your T4 and T5 summaries are in perfect order.


Bored with your bookkeeping? Call us now at 519-539-6109 (WDS) or 519-485-2350 (ING) and free your time for building your business instead!
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