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Farm Accounting and Taxation Services from MW&Co

Canadian agriculture has changed in the last 10 years and the family farm has evolved into a business that needs as many financial management skills as farming skills.

At MW&Co, we can help with your farm accounting and auditing needs, to free up some of your time to expand your business and explore new markets.

Our agricultural accounting and auditing services are designed to meet the needs of the modern agribusiness owner, providing accurate and timely information to base your important business decisions on throughout the year. Equally, our team can prepare accurate information for your applications for funding from banks and other investment sources.


Our agriculture and farm accounting services


At the core of our agriculture and farming accounting services are the essentials every business needs.  Our expertise and knowledge of farm needs make us a perfect fit.  To see a list of our accounting services, see our Accounting & Auditing page.


We can also help with:


Your goals are our goals


Ultimately, our goal is your goal; to increase on-farm and business profits through proper financial management, including minimizing risk, maintaining access to capital, cash flow and liquidity, consolidating buying power and other methods, which our team will be more than happy to discuss with you. We can also advise on how your current assets, liabilities and working capital can impact on the future success of your business - and how to make the most of what you have.


Agriculture Taxation and Tax Planning with MW&Co


For Ontario's hard-working farmers and agribusiness owners like you, we work hard to reduce your farm tax bill and defer tax across your business. Our tax planning service is based on years of experience in agricultural tax and accounting, and we keep right up to date with the latest changes in legislation and allowances. For more information, visit our Taxation & Tax Planning page.


Why choose MW&Co for your agricultural business tax services?

At MW&Co, we understand the pressures and challenges of modern farming. Our agriculture Principal was born and raised on a farm, and we have worked with a number of family farms, producers and agribusiness owners in Southwestern Ontario for many years. So, our team has practical experience of a wide variety of cash crop, livestock and other agribusiness types.

At MW&Co, we keep up to date with tax changes with just one aim in mind; to ensure your tax affairs are in perfect order AND that we reduce your farm or business tax liabilities to the lowest threshold possible.


That takes experience, expert judgment, in-depth knowledge and creative thinking, all of which you'll find at Micacchi Warnick & Company.


For further details on MW&Co's specialist farming accounting services, call us at 519-539-6109.
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